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Click on the image to see a map of Granada. Oasis is situated on Calle Estrada, five minutes from the main square - Parque Central.

The Sandak store of the corner of Calle Estrada and Calle Atravesada is a useful landmark to look out for, from here turn up Calle Estrada and Oasis is on the left.



Getting Here From Afar...


  From Managua

Bus - Microbuses, many of which are air-conditioned, leave for Granada from opposite the Universidad Centroamericana every 30 minutes. Regular buses run even more frequently from Mercado Roberto Huembes.

Car travelers should take Carretera de Masaya towards Granada.

Air - Augusto Sandino Airport is 12 km east of Managua. Take a taxi into the center to catch a bus to Granada. Car drivers should head for Carretera de Masaya towards Granada.


  From Costa Rica
Nicaragua, Honduras, Costa Rica - (click to enlarge)

The Tica Bus leaves San José early every morning heading north for Managua. This journey takes around nine hours as there are only a few stops along the way. The Tica Bus office (Tel:221 8954) can be found on Callé 9, Avenida 2, San José.

If you are traveling by regular bus take one along the Interamericana Highway bound for Penas Blancas. From there you can cross the border - remember to carry US dollars - and take a bus around the Lago de Nicaragua to Granada.

Car drivers should take the same route

From Honduras

From Tegucigalpa the simplest route to Managua is to take the Tica Bus which leaves at 9 am each morning, arriving in Managua the same day at 9 am Tica Bus have their office in Comayagüela on 16a Callé between 5a and 6a Avenidas. Traveling from Managua to Granada is straightforward, Click Here for details.

If you are traveling by regular bus take one to the border town of Las Manos, a frontier town near to El Paraíso. Remember to carry US Dollars for the border. If you cannot find a bus to Las Manos take a bus to El Paraíso and change there or take a collectivo taxi. After crossing the border you will find that one or more buses are conveniently waiting to take you to the nearby towns of Ocotal or Somoto. Either destination is fine; from both Ocotal and Somoto you can catch a bus directly to Managua.

Car Drivers should take the same route to Las Manos and then take Highway 1 to Managua, Carretera de Masaya to Granada.


  From El Salvador
  Tica Bus run a route directly to Managua from San Salvadore, outside the Hotel San Carlos at 5 am every morning, arriving in Managua 12 hours later. Tica Bus have their office on Callé Conceptión between 10a and 12a Avenidas Norte.
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